Researching For A Job On The Media Industry

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Researching for a job on the media industry

In todays technological age the media industry is changing rapidly, with ever year there will be a new form of getting your daily dose of entertainment. Things like Phablets (phone and a tablet) allowing you to watch your favorite TV show where ever you go. And because of this grown technological franchise there is a high demand for more people wanting to work. So you would think getting a job in the media industry would be easy with all the new opportunities. Well in fact its harder then ever, as the industry is growing its getting weaker and weaker. With ever film getting pirated and people just not going to the cinema any more, the film industry is losing on average 3.3 billion a year. Making it even harder for small companies and directors to get their work out and get profit back. So trying to get a job in todays society is hard but there are still ways that proven to work by 100% of the time.


By far most the internet has become the most how tall is any work industry, allow you to find facts and information with just a few clicks. And as for technology moving forward the internet has the biggest control on the market. Its rare to walk in to a house and not find a tv, but its even more rare not to find some sort of device allows you to connect to the Internet. E.g phones, laptops, pc, games consoles and now with the new release of Samsungs smartwatch can get the time and the Internet on your wrist. This proves that the Internet is the most logical choice when searching for anything, especially when it comes to searching for a job. As the whole world is connected it allows you to find jobs all around the world.

There are lots of different ways you can find jobs on the Internet. There’s the very lazy way, which is by searching through a search engine, such as Google. Now as good as google is for giving you lots of results, you have to remember that google search is that any webpage that has the same word you search for. By this I mean it can give you a blog on a man who has just got a job as lighting assistant. The best places to go online are the job centers, good names such as Glassdoor, UK jobs, Monster and careerbuilder. These are just few of the many job sites that can help you find the job best suited for you and where to go.

There is on the other hand a new type of online job center. Through the power of social networks you have job sites such as tweet my job, Users receive highly relevant job matches and control where the matches are delivered (i.e. social media, email, text, etc.) this allows people to get job information on the go where ever you are.

As times are changing so are the ways of how we show reference and history work. A great best site that is know around the world not only in the media industry but everywhere is Linkin. Professional website allowing you to create a almost electronic CV what company’s can view to see previous work and job history. It also shows your school records and allows you to connect with people you work before.
Newspaper and magazines

Before the days of the internet we would pick up our local newspaper to hear what was going on around the world. Even in todays technological age where we can find almost everything online, some people find reading the newspaper easier and a lot more simple to find information then to got on the internet. You will still see today that newspaper such as the Wall Street Journal and the Broadsheet doing far greater then their all my presents. That said and done newspapers are out of date the moment they are printed, as the Internet keeps up to date and changes with in the second. So when it comes to looking for a job in the job section of your local newspaper, it has its advantages and disadvantages to. What’s good about it is that if you see it in the back of a newspaper you know that the job is genuine and that the contact is real, where as online you cant always trust