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Research Proposal Paper
Malery DuPont, Rayshon Jones, Tiffany LeMasters, and Tracy Wilborn
June 8, 2015
Mary Evitt

The Women, Infant and Children program also known as WIC was designed by the government to improve the nutritional wellbeing of low income mothers and their children. The federal government has reached this goal according to the studies conducted and the statistics researched. The statistics researched compares participant’s verses nonparticipants. The study that was conducted proved that infants born to mothers on the WIC program were at an average birth weight. It showed that infants that were born to mothers not on the WIC program decreased in birth weight and many were delivered below average. The timeline for mothers is as follows from the moment they discover they are pregnant they can sign up for the WIC program until each child reaches the age of 5. The WIC program offers a variety of different foods that parents are able to get each week. The program gives them certain nutritious foods each month in the form of a check to ensure a healthy baby weight at delivery. There are also specific guidelines now for mothers of addiction. In the State of North Carolina there are set laws now that protect unborn children of addicted mothers.
The WIC program is a program that is very important in the community. It helps mothers with low income needs the ability to supply their children with the necessities on the food and nutrition basis. WIC stands for women, infants, and children. WIC's Mission is to "safeguard the health of lonely income women infants and children up to age 5 who or is a nutritional risk by providing nutritious foods to supplement their diet information on healthy eating and referrals to healthcare." Knowing the WIC is out to improve people's lives lets people know that the program is efficient and is going to stay around for a while. The WIC program will service people in the low income community who don't have the means to buy things that may be healthy for their families. The WIC program gives people the necessary resources they need in order to be able to survive and live healthy and happy lives with the necessary nutrition needed. Nutrition is something that is very important but is more vital to infants and children to get the proper nutrition that they need in order to go on with the day-to-day activities that will help children be able to grow and function in to healthy and happy individuals. Nutrition is the key to being able to do things and live healthy and happy lives. Living a life knowing that you're healthy and well taken care of well help your nutrition levels stay maintained. Nutrition in the womb is very important to develop and nurture the unborn child. Proper nutrition levels support a healthy brain and immune system growth. The WIC nutritional food program allows mothers to get different foods such as milks, eggs, cheese, juice, cereal, fruits, vegetables and bread while they are pregnant. They are also given more food vouchers depending on the number of children they have or are feeding. Once the newborn arrives the mother is able to get formula. As the baby grows the baby gets different stages of foods to meet their growing needs.
Review Literature
The WIC program is set up to help individual’s live healthy lives. It is there to provide the necessary nutrition for children to be able to grow into healthy youths. The WIC program not only offers food for healthy living but they offer nutrition counseling and access to health services that will provide low income women and children the opportunities they need to live more effective lives. WIC programs offer vouchers to people who are in the program to be able to buy formula for their children and also fruits and vegetables and other items that will help them feed their children. Individuals who are eligible for WIC are those who have low income and also those who don't have the resources