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A Night on the Canal
Visit Oklahoma City magazine, a guide to all things Oklahoma City. Oklahoma City convention and visitors Bureau 123 Park Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 Residence Inn by Marriott, the advertisement is inviting visitors to come and stay with them. It is accomplishing this by talking about the attractions, and entertainment, and shopping closes by in the downtown area around it. The Residence Inn sits directly in front of the Bricktown canal. Where they have walking trails, and shops, and boat rides, up and down the canal for visitors to enjoy during their stay in are great city. The advertisement, demonstrates this through Ethos, pathos, and logos. The advertisement itself displays Ethos, through its half page vertical ad, and has vibrant colors and its artwork that is very appealing to the consumer, to get the reader’s attention.
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The blue of the skies and the green of the grass, and the green of the trim are just two of the colors in the ad. The orange, and yellow, of the exterior of the building, really stands out. The red, and burgundy, are the colors the Marriott uses in its sings. It catches the reader’s eyes by telling of the new renovations, and upgrades, that have been made to the hotel. The advertisement represents pathos, and it has nice artwork and is detailed it sets on the river, there's a water taxi stop right outside, and there is easy access to Oklahoma