Resilience In Early Childhood Education

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Additionally,this research was conducted as a recorded data observation; which would mean that there was accurate and permanent evidence of what happened and when.However,there are flaws that remain questionable;the data related to a questionnaire that was given could have used bad questions; this could have prompted a desired response to the question and can cause issues giving biased samples.Furthermore, questions relied on people self reporting which could mean that the mothers could have tried to present themselves in a positive light making any result unreliable.

Moreover, Rutter (1972)believed there are protective factors that could halt the effects, such as the individual or environmental resources such as; books and toys which children could rely on when forming resilience.This can be done by, reducing the risk impact (intervention),reduction of negative chain reactions through techniques(coping strategies)and family based safety programs , establishment and maintenance of self-efficacy and opening up of opportunities to allow change to happen in the wider community on a macro level.(Cited inMontgomery H & Oates J.2015 4.0)