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Laboratory Exercise #2

Resistor Color Code and Ohm’s Law


Alex Hogue

Lab Partner: David Sater

In partial fulfillment of the requirements for Technology 1811
Electronic Circuit Technology
Lecture Section 001
Lab Section 001

Performed on: 02/11/2015

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To: Prof. Kevin Berisso

1. To verify Ohm’s Law, which defines the relationship between voltage, current and resistance in a series circuit. Ohm’s law states that the total current in a circuit (I) is equal to the total impressed voltage (V) divided by the total series resistance (R). This formula is expressed as:

2. To become more familiar with the resistor color codes. Resistors are labeled by vertical colored bands that each represent a digit from 1 through 9. The bands are read by starting with the one closest to the end of the resistor itself. The first two bands represent the first two digits respectively. The third band represents the power-of-10 coefficient, and the last band represents the percent (of total resistance value) tolerance allowed, either ±5% or ±10%. If no tolerance band is shown, the understood tolerance is ±20%.

3. To become more familiar with the laboratory equipment. In this case, the equipment includes a multi-meter, an analog trainer, and resistors.


This lab helps establishes an understanding of the process required to effectively and efficiently utilize a protoboard.

There is typically a column along the top and along the bottom of the protoboard that may be used as a source of grounding. The space in the center is used for the actual connecting of varying components. The components may be connected vertically via the individual rows because the sockets are connected by a common strip below them. However the sockets are not connected horizontally.


Digital Multi-Meter (DMM)
K&H Analog Trainer
Two (2) Resistors: 1.5 kΩ and 4.7 kΩ


1. Using the color codes, obtain the two correct resistors which have values of 1.5 kΩ and 4.7 kΩ.
2. Calculate the