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COMMITTEE: Human Rights Council 1
QUESTION OF: Increasing the safety and security of internally displaced persons in Latin and
South America
CO­SUBMITTED BY: Vietnam, United Kingdom, Turkey, Togo, Sudan, Mexico, Bolivia THE HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL, Emphasizing that citizens become IDPs due to increasing violence from new criminal entities, armed conflict, drug­cartels, generalized conflict or human rights violations in the Latin and
Americas region, Noting that there are 5.8 million IDPs (internally displaced persons) in Latin and South America, who are forced to leave their homes and do not have proper documentation that identifies their nationality, identity. Though this only makes up roughly 10% of the world’s IDPs, this problem is still very significant, Pointing out that therefore, they do not receive the legal recognition, benefits and protection of the government, Expressing its satisfaction on The Mexico Plan of Action, which was adopted by 20 Latin
American governments in 2007, Emphasizing that The General Law for Victims, which was passed in December 2012 includes provisions for assistance and reparations for IDPs, including food, lodging, security, and accompanied returns in safe conditions, Reminding that MAP is a continent­wide framework for the protection of displaced people by strengthening refugee protection and implementing an integrated approach to durable solutions, Keeping in mind that under the absence of government’s adequate protection IDPs can be prone to all kinds of violence and abuse, including killing, maiming, rape and other forms of sexual violence, recruitment and use of child soldiers, abduction, trafficking, forced labor and all forms of slavery, Pointing out that the IDPs are unwilling or unable to return to their origin, although the UNHCR is assisting hundreds of thousands of people to relocate themselves,

Deeply conscious about those whose rights have been violated despite the existence of various conventions, Realizing the causes of violation in human rights of under­aged to be: forced work, recruitment into military, the execution of child offenders,
that everyone has the right to education, which is indispensable in realizing other human rights,
Fully expressing that the majority of the powerless are suffering from the barriers of education, families cannot afford to pay for schooling, discrimination and racism undermine their chance to receive an education, violence as they pursue their education,
the new solutions and revitalized organizations to compromise and be fully aware of all these issues and cultural conflicts,
its appreciation upon cooperation with high concern from all nations, as well non­governmental and governmental organizations must participate in this debate in order to solve the issue at hand, 1.
Calls for the international community to collaborate with United Nations High Commissions of Refugees to provide IDPs the protection that they need with financial help provided by
International Monetary Fund (IMF) during displacement in the means of but not limited to:
a. access to affordable health or free health if possible by the help of World Health
Organization (WHO),
b. job opportunities for those who does not have the legal documentation so they have an income to feed their families by finding new workplaces suitable for each individuals, both the adults and youth(under­aged), depending on their skills, ages, and gender,
c. access to affordable or free food by the help of World Food Program (WFP) and charities to provide such as but not limited to: i. donation of food,


food stations where food coupons can be used,


food coupons,

d. access to