Essay about Resolvedd Analysis of the Case of “a Martini for Rossi”

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REVIEW Edgar Rossi has exceptional skills, but because of his behavior and association with alcohol he is affecting those he works with and costing the company money in lost production time. Over the last six months I have witnessed Rossi’s behavior become more erratic and I have smelled liquor on his breath more than once. With my coworkers and I covering for his lack of work, none of the managers have not noticed Rossi’s inconsistent behavior as of yet. After confronting Rossi about his behavior and possible alcoholism he vehemently denied having any alcohol problem and reassured his absences would not happen again. Rossi’s behavior improved for about three weeks, but then Rossi went missing during work hours leaving, once …show more content…
I would not have to carry the weight of knowing wrong things were happening and I did nothing to solve the issue. My guilt over watching all this happen and not saying anything would be gone. This solution can also uphold the principle of do no harm towards Rossi if management handles the situation in such a way to get Rossi to seek help and rather than outright firing him. Managers have the power to swiftly deal with these types of issues and make it known to all employees that absences, long lunches, and smelling like alcohol at work is completely unacceptable.

EVALUATION The main problem with keeping quiet and working with Rossi behind managements back is Rossi has already showed that he doesn’t respect my authority or opinion of his actions thus far. It is likely that he will choose to ignore my intervention and repeat his poor performance. The first solution continues to enable Rossi’s bad behavior and ultimately rewards him. Rossi has not had be accountable for his actions to date which is facilitates his belief that his current course of action has no ill affect. Given Rossi’s failure to cooperate with me as a coworker, it seems unlikely that by me putting any further effort and personally involving myself in the situation will do more harm to him and myself. Each person is ultimately responsible for their own actions and by me and my fellow coworkers continuing