Resolving Senkaku / Diaoyudao Islet Disputes: Graph Model for Conflict Resolution (GMCR) Analysis Essay

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Confrontation Analysis 1
Vicka Kharisma-29012019
Resolving Senkaku / Diaoyudao Islet Disputes: Graph Model for Conflict Resolution (GMCR) Analysis
Vicka Kharisma1, Pri Hermawan2, Khrisna3
Institute of Technology Bandung, School of Business and Management, Bandung, Indonesia
This paper illustrates the territorial dispute over the Diaoyu / Senkaku islet between Japan , People of China (POC - China). The dispute over the islet is also linked to other important factors, one of them is the rights to exploitation of natural resources. In this study, the conflict is by using GMCR (Graph Model for Conflict Resolution). The GMCR model (Graph Model for Conflict Resolution) is used to systematically describe the process of changes in
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Fig. 2 Map Of Senkaku/ Diaoyu Island
Source : Soons & Schrijver, 2012
Confrontation Analysis 4
Vicka Kharisma-29012019
Model of the Conflict
The conflict is modelled by using GMCR II software, to illustrate the feasible options, move, and feasible resolution for the parties who has the conflict. Three players was identified in this islet dispute, they are Japan< China, and United States (US). Nowdays, their relative options and status quo are listed in Table.2. Mathematically, there are a total of 27 (128) states, but only 12 feasible states in total (Table 3), this is because of some states are not feasible because they are mutually exclusive. For example, Japan and China, each has three options: (1) Reduce the presence near the island, (2) Joint development of the natural resource, or (3) Go On the Offensive (War), which are mutually exclusive for Japan. However, United States (US) only has one option: (1) Support Japan military force. In Tables 2 and 3 „ Y „ means„Yes‟and indicates that the option is taken by the player, and„N‟means„No’. The player‟s preferences over the states defined by the combination of options can be ranked by using option prioritizing. The player‟s ranking of states from most preferred to least preferred are listed in Table 4.
Table 1. Timeline of the Conflict Year Occurance 1895
Japan unilaterally owned five islands and three barren rock groups in the East China Sea, calls them "Senkaku." China's Qing Dynasty