Resopnses To Profiles Essay

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Kendall DuFour
Mrs. Larson
Composition I
28 January 2014
Responses to Profiles The first profile I have chosen is "No Degree, and No Way Back To the Middle" by Timothy Egan. I have chosen this profile because it is about a man, Jeff Martinelli, who made a good living in the middle class, but when he lost his job and did not have a degree, finding a job became difficult. Since I am also going back to school to open up my employment opportunities, I can relate. The first two paragraphs of the profile achieve the effect of giving a brief, yet comprehensive understanding of the subject to the reader. You can tell from the outset that the article is about a middle class American man who is finding it difficult to find employment without having a college degree to his name. This help catch the reader's eye. It voices a dilemma that many middle class Americans can relate to, thus encouraging them to read on. When Timothy Egan uses quotations from people who are experiencing the harsh reality of finding employment for someone without a four-year degree. This helps add emphasis for the reader by describing situations and choices he can relate to. It also helps the reader to avoid making the same mistakes others have. The use of these quotations adds credence to the article and pushes the sense of importance of continuing education. The photo of Martinelli working as pest control was used wisely. The picture shows the uncertainty of employment. The article