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12 February 2015 Sustainability is an important factor in our environment. This is when something is used or continued for a long time. To sustain nature and keep Earth healthy, we have to do things that are easy to do, but many people don’t have the will to do it, even if it’s just throwing something into the recycle bin our idea is to create an app that will let you find ways to help keep our environment safe, even if it’s just a little thing such as saving paper. Our app can alert you at certain intervals of time to do simple things. For example,on Fridays at 6:30am , which is when you may need to set the garbage out, your phone will alert you, ”Did you remember to recycle?” This is helpful for people who want to help make their country better environmentally, but don’t know where to start. The app can also inform them of events that are helping this cause. We got our idea from the deforestation, and pollution that we see everyday. Our plan is to help people around the world find ways to lessen their

destruction of the environment and sustain nature. We have many goals, but there are three main ones. Our first goal is to protect ourselves. Pollution can cause health issues and many people suffer from their presently. Our second goal is to help people know how to protect their planet. This can really benefit the world and help solve many issues before they start or get out of hand. Our third goal is to create a safer environment and a place for young people to actually enjoy.
There are a few problems with our app. Not many people are connected with environmentally issues unless something very tragic or disastrous happens. This can be solved creating very dynamic visuals or adding interesting games to our app. Another problem is that people don't care, as long as they get money. This can't really be changed because you can't change anyone mind; they can only that. We can persuade them, though. we will create a special section for the “Earth’s End Followers”. Not all people are against this idea of environmental sustainability.You can see this by evidence in streets of some neighborhoods

in Atlanta. The garbage cans now go to recycle factories. This helps because people are recycling, even if it’s not purposely.
This is a right thing to do because we are helping our planet. There is absolutely no opposing side and no reasoning,. any reason that anyone has to go against the act of benefiting a planet that is housing them and providing them with the resources to live and breathe is