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Apple Inc. which was established in 1976 by Steve Jobs, an American company that aims to produce PC hardware, software and accessories. The corporation is widely known for their Macintosh computers and Mac OS X, iTunes and other media apps. Getting into various areas of the IT market, Apple successfully launched the sale of brand new devices, such as iPod music player, iPad tablet, iTV and cloud-sharing system iCloud. The Apple head-office placed in Cupertino, California. Interesting point that Apple Inc. does not have even one factory anywhere in the world. All devices are assembled at the factories of Foxconn. CEO and co-founder is Tim Cook, replaced Steve Jobs after his tragic death. Apple sells 70% of all those devices via retail shops of which there are 284 locations in 10 different countries.

Land | Labour | Capital | * Head-office in California * Offices * Parking area * Warehouses * Restrooms * Reception * Toilets * Garden Area * Design Center * Presentation halls | * CEO * Head Managers * Managers * Designers * Promotional Team * Testers * Sociologists * Cleaners | * Documents * Computers * Projectors * Vending machines * Photocopier machines * Patents * Furniture |

Analyzing the table above, I would like to comment on some points and summarize details how each resource is managed and by whom.
Lets consider the fact that Foxconn manufactures mainly all Apple devices. The fact that Apple does not have its own factories for the production of devices has its own advantages and disadvantages. Considering the pros, the question of taxes should be mentioned. Paying taxes always closely connected with income the company earned and amount of spaces it uses. It means that Apple head-managers perfectly planned how to circumvent the question of the enormous taxes they should be asked for. Furthermore, in case of any government inspections or problems with the law on Foxconn factories, Apple Inc. would not be affected in any way, so that fact allows them to feel secure. Thinking over the cons, Apple is very dependent on the Foxconn workers and company in general, as it is up to Foxconn when the next device will appear in…