Resources For Life Time Goals

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Nick Garcia
September 26, 2014
2nd Block
Resources for Life Time Goals Education is very important in determining our future. Since our first year in school we are asked what we to become once we’re adults. I’ve always dreamed of being a professional baseball player. It was all I ever thought about. Throughout the years of school, I started realizing that there is much more in this world than just baseball. There are many different and exciting careers that I didn’t know of. Thankfully, my academic and extra-curricular activities will help me on what career I decided to pursue. As a senior, I know that all my years in school will pay off once I take off on a new journey. All throughout high school I’ve been taking advanced courses. Courses that will help me be a step further in college. I’ve always taken these classes seriously because I know how beneficial they are. I have the grades I need to attend a 4 year university, but I didn’t know what career I want to pursue until now in my senior year. I’ve always been enrolled in the Technology Academy, but I wasn’t finding much interest like I was supposed to. I just didn’t see myself pursuing a career in Technology. After facing multiple injuries in my junior year and always having to attend athletic training and sport therapists, I found an inspiration in pursuing something in sports medicine. I didn’t know anything about it until one of my teachers gave me the idea of majoring in Kinesiology.
I started looking into it and it seems I can pursue many careers. My goal has always been to help people and majoring in Kinesiology will surely help me accomplish it. After graduating high school I plan to attend a 4 year university. My number 1 choice is The University of Texas at Austin. I’ve always dreamed of being a longhorn since I was little. I know it will be tough road in college for me trying to major in something I don’t know a single thing of. I honestly think this is what I want to do and I will do anything that it takes to be successful. I plan to start off slow maybe in Physical Education or Athletic Training. I love being active and around sports and these jobs will keep me there. I believe this will help me gain confidence and get used