Resourcing Essay on Recruitment Practices and Approaches

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There are many factors that can contribute to building a successful organisation, however, by having the right person, at the right time, at the right place (Taylor 2002c, P73) will enable organisations to achieve their overall objectives and sustain competitive advantage.

This essay will outline and explain the steps required to successfully hire and retain a new customer services manager, whilst reviewing the current UK employment market and how this may affect the resourcing approach.

Firstly the essay will give an overview of the role of HR Planning and how the current UK employment market can influence and impact the resourcing process. The essay will then explain the importance of the job analysis and the recruitment methods
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It has been argued (Michael Armstrong, 2009) that conducting a job analysis can never fully be objective due to the misconception of others, for example team members may not give accurate feedback about the role because they want it to be perceived as having greater responsibility and not highlighting the day-to-day tasks. This can lead to inconsistent job descriptions and person specifications.

An alternative method to the job analysis is competences and competency frameworks. Competency emphasises what behaviours required from an individual to perform in their role effectively. Competencies Frameworks have been identified as a set of behaviours that an organisation requires people to work for example demonstrating effective communicating skills. (CIPD Factsheet 2013, Civil Service Competency Framework). However, the drawbacks of using competency frameworks is that you run the risk that your workforce will not become very diverse as individuals behaviour in the same way, therefore, the opportunity for innovation maybe minimal.

Now that the tasks and responsibilities have been identified through the job analysis, the next stage in the recruitment process will enable you to compose the job description and