Respect and Mature Person Essay

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Maturity is a quality that comes with age for most people. My father, being the perfect image of a mature person, has helped me through out the process immensely. Maturity may be hard for some people to attain, but it will help everyone get through life with a better understanding of their priorities. If one does not know how to make good decisions, then they do not have this important quality. Also, when someone knows exactly what they want and they are motivated to get it, that is a sure sign of a mature person. Respecting yourself and others is also a quality of a mature person. If people do not respect the beings around them or they do not respect themselves, then they are most likely not very mature. To have maturity one must be respectful, have motivation, and be able to think about and accept the consequences of their actions. A state of being mature is hard to reach when one doesn't respect themselves, as well as others. Being respectful to one's elders, for example, is very important in someone who is mature. One should be kind and well behaved towards their teachers and their parents because one will then get respect in return. For example, in a classroom setting, if someone makes a comment about their beliefs that you may not agree with, a mature person would respect their ideas and allow them to speak what they feel. This is necessary because being respectful is a very large part in trying to reach a level of maturity. Along with respect, motivation is very important to acquire the quality of maturity. If one does not have the motivation to do their homework, go to classes, or be social, then life is going to be a lot more difficult. There are many things in life that one has to do even though they don't have much motivation to do it. If tasks such as homework do not get completed on a daily basis then grades will slip, and then they soon will not have any motivation to make up all their work. Though everyone struggles with motivation, some on a daily basis, it is essential to find a way to continue to complete the things you need to finish on time and at your best. Motivation comes with a strong amount of satisfaction once one completes the the things they needed to. Even if I didn't want to clean the kitchen after a huge family dinner, once I finished I was left with a great sense of WHAT. Without enough motivation, there is little maturity.