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Sierra Leone I did my project on Sierra Leone and Sierra Leone means “Lion Mountains” Sierra Leone is a country in West Africa and is a constitutional republic must countries outside the United States aren’t constitutional republics. Sierra Leone has a tropical climate ranging from the savannah to the rainforest. Sierra Leone has a population of 4 million people and is 72,000 square km but its small compared to the size of Africa and isn’t the smallest country in Africa but has the most water sources. In Sierra Leone there small mountains. It’s a poor country but has mineral resources such as diamonds that’s what Sierra Leone is known for is its diamonds.
Sierra has a lot of violence because of its blood diamonds people try to get the diamonds from Sierra Leone and people from other places try to run this country just for its diamonds. There are other things that can be found in Sierra Leone like gold chromite, iron ore, and titanium ore. Their resources are wanted thought the world because there worth a lot of money. When Sierra Leone was found, it was a totally different place than it is today because British established Sierra Leone, and they were ruling it at the time. The country of Sierra Leone wanted to be independent.
They tried and tried to free their country from British hands. On April 27, 1961, Sierra Leone succeeded; they gained there independence Sierra Leone was established as a country for newly freed slaves to come and build houses and start a new life. Since the country was created for freed slaves, the capitol was given the name Freetown. The government of Sierra Leone is the same as ours in structure. Even though they are trying to do pretty much the same things as our government, Sierra Leone's government is having a hard time controlling some people in their country. There was a military takeover in 1992, and thousands of people have been injured by a terrorist group that opposes the government. Arms and hands have been chopped off. The basic needs of the