Respect and Why the Marine Corps Has a Rank Structure. Essay

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Respect and why the Marine Corps has a rank structure.

There are very few things in the modern military of today or any military that has ever existed before our current military for that matter, that are more important than the rank structure and the the respect that is demanded of you by that rank structure. Those are two very important characteristics of every successful military unit. With added details here and there, in this essay I will mainly be discussing what respect actually is, how being respected is normally earned and in the military how it is demanded of you as a sub-ordinate to any ranks higher than you or in some cases any fellow military personnel who is more senior to you and why. On top of that I will be covering
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Who knows. But in my short boot career as a marine I have found that it is very rare that a person who has actual leadership quality’s gets put in the leadership positions on the underside of the NCO spectrum. More often than not it is the loudest guy who can bench-press the world while still maintaining the stance of the biggest prick in existence that gets placed in those positions. That is my experience at least with E-3 and below in mind. All told, in the military respect fits nut-to-butt with the rank structure that is currently in place.

Rank structure is something that has been around pretty much forever. At least as far back to the beginning of pack animals with their alphas and pretty much ever since our slightly less human counter parts be it early man or monkeys began fighting for power over the same stuff we fight over now. Chicks, land, resources and religion. It is the structure that dictates whom is the leader and who is the subordinate. This applies to the military directly, with our own specific rank structure drawn out and stitched on. Its pretty simple. We have the Commissioned Officers at the top of the proverbial pyramid with the warrant Officers in the middle and finally the Non Commissioned Officers which are Enlisted men or women on the bottom. Then placed neatly on the bottom of the crapper underneath all other ranks there are the E-3s and below. Within each limb of rank there are sub ranks with a high and low rank. It all