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The Responsibility Project Moral standards are something which can tackle any organization's problems. How to use these types of moral rules are what we will tackle in the following paragraphs. From the site “The Responsibility Project”, we will find how moral standards are essential in any company, and how they may form and alter them. From the site, we will be analyzing the movie “Good Vibrations” Why are the issues in the film important? Good Vibrations is an animated story all regarding a community’s duty, and the price to be satisfied. Even though movie is more regarding a community’s duty, the problems tackled in the movie are identical in companies and towns just the same. The movie demonstrated a complete building of workers who would laugh at helpless people who were being wounded when they tripped on a loose brick on the exterior pavement. Lastly, a worker opens up a window in order to yell out a warning to an aged person that was going to face the loose brick. The worker then proceeds to put a warning signal close to the brick to avoid other people from getting wounded. Anyone with ethics might state that the issue in this movie is the inactivity or failure of the whole building of individuals to avoid the mishaps from taking place. Rather, they find it more interesting to allow people be wounded for their own enjoyment. Several companies are confronted daily with the same character types every day. On the same degree, there are people that understand this behavior is incorrect, however decide to overlook or go together with the behavior to prevent clash. The issue a company will encounter with people like this is the issue is similar to a small snowball going down a hill. The snowball (the issue) will begin as a small problem, however as it moves downhill, the snowball will continue to become larger and larger till it is impossible to halt it. What role do external social pressures have in influencing organizational ethics? Outer social stresses perform an important part in affecting organizational values. There tends to be several different stakeholders in any business, every person stakeholder has their own plans, and these plans will overlap one another. These stakeholders will incorporate the customers, towns, workers, and its shareholders. A good example of this case would be Enron, which in 2006 were in a system while they had built many off-the-books partners. These types of partners were used to conceal the huge loans of Enron, which consequently unnaturally blown up their share prices (Trevino and Nelson, 2006). That was a shameless effort to maintain existing stockholders happy and lure fresh investors. In case the world outside Enron had known of this false impression, Enron would have been bankrupt much quicker. This was an immoral effort to try to keep the company profitable. An ideal instance of how a company might have to take action they usually would not do. The more people having an inside plan are involved in a company, the more of a possibility these types of interest will overlap, and difficulty will appear. How might these issues be relevant to organizational and personal decisions? Several external and internal problems might come up in any business. A few of these problems may be so critical (for instance, Enron) they can push a company to throw out all their ethical, moral, as well as legal duties in an attempt to protect themselves. In a surviving scenario, the judgments made at that time appear to be the only reasonable alternative to save