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The Respiratory System

Hey, You !!! Are You Breathing Right Now? Well You Are Using The Respiratory System Properly. You May Be Saying Respiratory System? Yes Respiratory System! What Does That Mean You May Be Thinking Right Now, But According To The English Dictionary Its Means; A System Of Organs Functioning In Respiration And In Humans, Consisting Especially, Of The Nose, Nasal Passages, Pharynx, Larynx, Trachea, Bronchi, And Finally The Lungs. Wow That A lot Of Organs !!! Yes Of Course, Without Them You Cannot Breath And You Will Die. Let’s Get A Little Into The Respiratory System, Respiration Is The Process On Which Organisms Take The Oxygen And Release The Carbon Dioxide. The Respiratory System Work Together With The Circulatory System To Supply The Cell With Oxygen And Then Release What Is Not Needed Which Is Carbon Dioxide. These Exchanges Happens Across The Cell Membranes In The Lungs And In The Body Tissue. Their Are Two Big Parts In The Respiratory System And That Is The Respiratory Tract And The Lungs. Respiratory Tract Hmmmm... What Does That Do In The Respiratory System? Well What The Respiratory Tract Does Is That It Cleans, Warms, And Moisten Air During It’s Mission To The Lungs. The Respiratory Tract Is Divided Into A Upper Part And Lower Part. The Upper Part Is Made Up Of The Nose, Nasal Cavity, The Pharynx (Which Is The Throat), And The Larynx (Which Is The Voice Box). The Lower Parts Are Made Up Of The Trachea (Windpipe), Bronchi And Bronchial Tree. Do You Want To Know How This Process Is Made It All Starts Like This …

The Process Of The Respiratory Tract:

Step1: The Oxygen Goes Through The Nose Openings, The Hair Inside The Nose Trap The Dirt So It Wont Get To The Lungs.

Step2: When You Get To The External Part Of The Nose That Leads You To A Cavity That Is Within The Skull Called The Nasal Cavity . Within The Nasal Cavity Mucus Is Located In That Certain Part. The Mucus Releases Heat And Warms The Oxygen.

Step3: When the Oxygen Leaves The Nasal Cavity It Enters The Pharynx .

Step4: Then It Goes Through The Larynx Which Is Like A Trap Door It Opens When During Breathing And Closes During Eating And Drinking. This Is So That Nothing Enters The Trachea.

Step4: Then The Oxygen Enters To The Trachea, The Trachea Walls Allows The Airway To Expand And Contract During Breathing. Then Divides Your Breastbone To Form A Left And Right Branch Called The Bronchi Entering Each Lung. (This Includes The Bronchial Tree.)

Now The Other Part Of The Respiratory System Is The Lungs. The Lungs Are Cone Shaped Organs Located In Your Chest. There…