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Nietzsche's central idea was that it was wrong to reward weakness. In his writings he explains that there are two types of moralities, the first one is master morality which isthe true morality, where you are not afraid to speak or act upon what is on your mind, which is good and the bad and is in nature.; the second one is slave morality, where he considers people to be “brainwashed”, in other words, they are the followers of society, it is considered to be good and evil and is taught by religion. Out of this two types of morality, society developed slave morality when we have resentment and use it when giving birth to values. We are given the idea that being weak is good, and being strong is 'evil'. The only reason society gets better within time is because we have a natural urge to reach to the top, but religion has encouraged people to be weak and nice, giving us the idea that being weak is the way to be. Will to power has been pushed down, but exploitation is the reason we all keep being alive. He explains that in evolution, we are the only species that have kept the weak alive, but in the end slave morality has done nothing but shut us down, and we can't lie to the weak because that would be reenforcing slave morality. Nietzsche central idea here is important to us because it is true in the sense that society has been brainwashed humanity into being weak, especially the low class, where there are some families ask the government for economic help, but when given