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Respond to the story “A man who had no eyes”

In my opinion “A man who had no eyes” is an interesting story that has a surprising and ironic ending. In the story the blind beggar is complaining to Mr. Parsons about the accident that made him blind, because he wants Mr.Parsons to feel sympathy for him and give him more money. However, in the end, I was quite shocked to find out that Mr.Parson was also a blind man due to the same accident. I felt ironic about the fact that Mr.Parson and the beggar both are the victims of the same incident and they both lost their vision in the accident. However, because of their attitudes towards the accident are different, their lives are completely different too. I liked the character Mr.Parson because of the fact that although he was a victim of the accident, unlike the beggar, he chose to be positive and did not panic, which helps him to succeed in the end. This story taught me a life lesson, which is that everyone will go through many events in their life-time, some are good and some are bad. However, even if that is a bad and tragic event, you should not be complaining and give up your hope. As long as you are thinking positively, you will always make it through. In conclusion, I did enjoy reading this book and I would like to read this author’s story again.

Respond to the story “Lamb to the Slaughter”

I disliked the story “Lamb to the Slaughter” because after I finished reading the story, I thought the things that happened in story were weird and did not make sense to me. In my opinion, this story’s plot are very unrealistic and boring. First of all, the author did not clearly identify what Mary Moloney’s husband said to her, which made her commit the murder. As a reader, I would have like to know what exactly he said to Mary Moloney that made her angry enough to kill her own husband, knowing that herself is already pregnant. Therefore, I disliked the fact that the author did not say anything about it. Also it was weird that Mary Moloney could have killed her husband using any method, but she chose to kill him with a leg of lamb. I felt weird because I have never heard a person using alamb's leg to kill someone. Also, I could not believe the police man trusted her lies, and did not suspect Mary Maloney as the murderer at all. Interestingly enough, the police ate the lamb, which was the weapon she used to kill her husband. As for the characters described in this story, I did feel sympathy for Mary Moloney because of the fact that I could tell her deep love for her husband and she would do anything to make him feel comfortable, and because that she is pregnant. Even though I feel that it is weird the police did not find out she was the murderer, but I was quite glad that she got away with it.

Respond to the story “Necklace”

I enjoyed reading the story “Necklace” because I think the overall story is interesting and meaningful. However, I did not like the character Mathide Loisel. I think Mathide is a person who is not satisfied with what she has. She is pretty and she has a fine husband, but she keeps complaining that she deserves to be rich and wealthy. This is the reason why when her husband asks her to go to the party, she borrowed a expensive necklace from Madame Forestir. As for the consequence, she lost the necklace and she had to spend ten years of hard laboring and and living life in debt to buy a new necklace. The life lessons I learned is to be satisfied with what you have and do not let your desires control you. In this story, Mathide Loisel was driven by her own desires, which caused her to destroy her own life. She borrowed the necklace from Madame Forestir to the