Respons to the case of contamination Essay

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Lechuan Zhao
Professor Ahuja
ENGL 1004
Sept 16 2014

The acceleration of globalization has raised issues culture conformity and diversity throughout the world. These topics are argued drastically throughout the world. Apparently, issues relate to cultures will not simply defined by right or wrong because each coins have two sides and every culture have their own advantages and drawbacks. True, many people may claim that globalization has made this world smaller and the distinctions between nations or cultures are disappearing. But personally, I hold positive opinions about the cultural developments nowadays.

The unchangeable rule of the nature is “survival of the fittest”, which means, whatever species, communities, nations or
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This problem is especially severe in most rural area. For example, most females do not have right to go to school for education, they always face heavy housework since very young and they even do not have any choice on their own marriage. For example, in urban areas females face unfair treatment in marriage and family. As a young Chinese man, I actually feel totally uncomfortable about many of the so-called traditions that unfair to women, but since I am young, seniors would rather hold on their own conventional thinking stickily than listen to my peers’ and mine opinions. The good thing is, as cultural conformity spreads around the world, women in China are now brave enough to fight for their own rights and more and more parents are changing their minds about how they treat their son’s wife. Following this line, I would like to claim that the cultural conformity is forcing us to make progresses on the gender equality issue which we are already far behind. I think the cultural conformity would definitely be beneficial if it is stand as a advanced thought, and changes in China is exactly what we need.

However, cultural conformity apparently has some drawbacks. From my point of view, one of the major problem of cultural conformity is that it causes some features of a particular culture diminish, which means the differences between cultures are losing. True, we can not just claim that the lose of diversity is