Response Essay on Anger Stubbornness

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Preston Johnson
English 102
Professor Brackett
18 April 2012
Oedipus’s Flaws of Anger and Stubbornness The evidence and effect of Oedipus’s flaw of anger becomes apparent through misleading accusations and degrading remarks to the people that try to help the situation. As Oedipus begins talking to the prophet Tiresias, he becomes infuriated with anger and states “You scum of the earth, you’d enrage a heart of stone!” (Episode 1.381). This shows that Oedipus is beginning to get angry because Tiresias will not tell him about what is to come in the future. The statement also shows that he lets his anger get the best of him and keeps him from learning important information. The degrading remark made by Oedipus starts to show a different side of him that the people of Thebes are not used to. Consequently the effect of his anger forces Tiresias to tell Oedipus that he is the murderer of King Laius. As Oedipus and Tiresias argue over who is the murderer, Tiresias states “You are the murderer you hunt.” (Episode 1.413). This shows that his flaw is not only bringing out the worst in him but is infuriating others as well. Oedipus’s accusation shows that he is willing to blame anyone for the murder of Laius and his anger over the prophecies will not let him move forward. The flaw of his anger has not only made him seem weak but also destroys his relationship with Tiresias and the people of Thebes. The evidence and effect of Oedipus’s flaw of stubbornness is shown through persistence to find the truth of his origin and the effect that it has on Jocasta. His flaw of stubbornness becomes apparent after the messenger from Corinth tells him that he is not related to Polybus or Merope. After hearing the story of where and who found him, it becomes apparent to Jocasta that he is her son and wants him to stop the search immediately. As Oedipus and Jocasta begin arguing over the subject of finding the shepherd, he states “Listen to you? No more. I must know it