The Dell Theory Of Conflict Prevention

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Cesar Sanchez
Paper 3 - Draft 1
The creation of technology and information, has helped with the development of a world where communities are able to interact in way like never before. Communities are now connected through the world wide web and are able to form virtual communities. The individuals who are members of this community are able to put aside their differences and learn about each other in a openly manner. Thomas Friedman, the author of “The Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention” emphasizes how two countries that belong to the same supply chain will try to avoid conflicts or wars between each other. They have to cooperate together in order to develop goods that are vital in the expansion of their economy. Marshall Poe, author of “The Hive” describes how Wikipedia, a collaboratively written and edited online encyclopedia is capable of spreading knowledge by people cooperating together in a voluntary manner. Though the constant expansion of technology, communities will be formed if they are willing to work together towards a desired goal. To be able to live coexist in peace, it starts by individuals being able to openly welcome new ideas, and contribute to their community by spreading knowledge. A society which is able to openly welcome new individuals will often create a civilized community. By having an open community it means that anyone will be able to share their ideas to the public. It gives the person a sense of freedom and usefulness that he is able to share his idea without being segregated. Consequently, by having resources that the public can access, like the world wide web. Individuals can then share ideas that are facilitated by technology at the same time. Poe talks about Wales, who describes what “openness” means in the technology aspect, “An open online community is one with few restrictions on membership or posting- everyone is welcome, and anyone can say anything as long as it’s generally on point and doesn’t include gratuitous ad hominem attacks” (Pg. 360). This virtual community works the same with a real society where individuals are required to live together. By maintaining an open and welcoming environment, then multiple communities will try to work together. Similar to a virtual community but on a bigger scale, if a country maintains a open market for his economic growth, then they are able to experiment with different methods, and decide which one is the optimal choice. Technology and information make all of this possible, however, by having a open community one is also vulnerable to dangerous ideas and people. Friedman states “A century ago, anarchist were limited in their ability to communicate and collaborate with one another. To find sympathizers , and to band together for an operation. Today, with the Internet, that is not a problem.”(Pg 176)
Since there is a mass of information available to the public, the community as a whole has to lookout for possible outsiders who can inflict damages upon the community.
Without individuals in the community monitoring who is entering their society, there could be few individuals who provide false information and cause mayhem. Therefore, some measures have to taken. By having too much freedom, it can affect the way a person behaves towards a certain topic. Since he thinks that there will not be consequences for his actions, therefore, he is allowed to speak his mind and has the freedom to do it. Poe states, “ Unrestrained by convention and cloaked by anonymity, participants could behave very badly without fear of real consequences.” (Pg 350). The world wide web is so broad and necessary nowadays as mentioned, that by having the community as a whole-monitor their own society, will be the best way to achieve a working civilization system. Some terrorist groups have access to types of technology where they can communicate with different groups all over the world. Consequently, they use the freedom and openness of technology to