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This Is Just to Say

After reading the poem “ This Is Just to Say” several times, there are a couple of different thoughts and emotions that I have about this poem. When I first read this poem I think the author was being disrespectful and condescending jerk. In the poem he says, “Forgive me”, which is like being sorry for his actions, but then turns around and says, “ They were so delicious”. When your sincerely sorry for someone or being apologetic, you don’t go and throw it back in there face what you did wrong. The author was also disrespectful because he knew she was saving them for the next day but he went and ate them anyway. Also note that he didn’t just eat one single plum he ate her plums. If he really was sorry he would’ve went out and her some more plums before she woke the next morning or at least fixed her some type of breakfast in the morning, but instead he just left a note that wasn’t even meaning full. Why didn’t he just ask her could he eat her plums? If he truly cared he would’ve asked first or apologized to her face the next morning. The next couple of times I read the poem, I analyzed it differently and had different emotions, than the first. I thought maybe this was there relationship, maybe she was used to this guy doing things and only half-ass apologizing for them. She could’ve thought it was cute and that’s why she was still with him. I also thought that he felt like his note was a sincere apology for eating her plums and he didn’t think it was that big of a deal. Another thought was that this could’ve been her plan the whole time. Her plan