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As humans we tend to think that we are the most superior organisms on this globe, yet we should know that we can still be hunted by other organisms that are tiny in nature: parasites. Akin to all organisms goal which is to thrive and reproduce some parasites tend to cause great complications man in their aim to do so. We tend to look at parasites as the monsters of medicine, as the cause immense horror, but it’s not often we see monsters becoming heroes and it is this dualistic nature of parasites that make them intriguing organisms. I intend to explore both extreme sides of the spectrum where they can cause an individual from specie to see the absolute absence of light and make their existence a completely horrific experience, but can also chose to return happiness to an individual.



The Emerald Jewel Wasp

Such evil organisms as they turn their hosts into objects of horror, but as Darwin states it is a matter of “survival of the fittest”, and those organisms abide by this natural law. However, I must commend such talents in their method of execution. Now it is time for them to be seen in a light that is not often imagined.
We live in a world whereby organism enjoy to proclaim self independence ,however, in reality we are all interlinked in some way , if things where to be taken out of the food chain it would create this domino effect on the rest of us. While natural immunity in organisms in response to some disease may…