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Animal Farm by George Orwell

In Animal Farm by George Orwell, the author uses a story about farm animals to describe deferent political systems in an analytical way. The story opens with a farm of animals living in a dictatorship lifestyle under the rule of the farm owner Mr. Jones and human masters in general.
Then, this fun animated story shifts quickly into a rebellion led by at first by a boar named Old
Major. This rebellion represents communism. For a short time the animals lived in a democracy life where all of the animals enjoyed the same things and no animal was above another. They all had the same opportunities and they could eat the same and work the same and be the same. But, this lifestyle soon begins to end at the conclusion of the 3rd paragraph. These animals represented life in a real world where humans were the enemies and their main focus was to overthrow humans and live without a dictatorship and form a system of life on their own. The animals in the farm lived in a dictatorship rule under the owner of the farm and their Naiditch, Pg 2 human masters. They are given very little to eat and spend all their lives working for their masters. These poor animals own nothing of their own. They most do whatever their leaders tell them to do and have no say in their lives at all (Orwell, 29). Their brand new babies are taken away from them usually at birth. An example of this would be the hens how that their are removed for sale and not very many of them even have a chance to hatch (29). Animal will not have a chance to live their entire lives. When they grow to a certain age they will be taken and killed so that their bodies can be sold for food. Even the horses will be taken to be killed before they die and their bodies will be boiled and eaten (30). These animals are not happy about the way their lives are being lived. Life is soon to change for these very unhappy animals A huge upheaval is lead at first by an old boar named Old Major which encourages communism. He enlightens all the animals of their horrible lives and how that life could be so different for them if they rebelled. Animals are told by Old Major that they are identical and indiscernible and that no animal is better then another. They all deserve the same as long as they have 4 legs or wings. The animals celebrate with song. After Old Major passes away this revolt is lead by 3 pigs which are said to be the brightest of animals. Their names are Snow ball, Napoleon, and Squealer. These animals overtake Mr. Jones by surprise. He gets drunk one night and doesn’t feed the animals for a whole day and doesn’t milk the cows. The animals break into the store house and get their own food. When he and 4 others come with whips and try to gain control all the animals work together to overtake the farm owner. Mr Jones and his men run away and the animals take charge of the farm and even change the name to animal farm. After the war the farm was formed into a democracy. The animals which were lead by the 3 pigs were given laws to live by. They were told never that 2 legged animals were enemies, Naiditch, Pg 3
4 legged or winged animals were friends, they should never wear clothes, sleep in a bed, drink alcohol, kill any animal and that all animals