Response To Ayn Rand's Anthem

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I wanted to inform you that I greatly appreciated your work within the book “Anthem.” I believe that the book allows Today’s youth to capture a glimpse of a whole other world where individuality is nothing. Here in America, we can be grateful to obtain the right of individuality whereas most third-world countries are not so fortunate. With the help of your work, many students can identify with Equality-2521’s uniqueness, singling him out from the others, making him an “outsider” from his fellow peers.

In High School, it is very hard for one to become original because too many are consumed with the idea of being “one with the crowd” much like the society Equality-2521 had onced lived in; We, as students, appear to be one, not multiple.
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Personally, I feel as if your novel drives me to accept my differences and use them as advantages against my enemies, those who wish for my differences to perish. I, too, have been punished for my different beliefs, thoughts, and interests. It would be a lie if anyone has said otherwise. We live in a judgemental society, one like the one you right about, how if we do not follow their beliefs and rules we are simply wrong; we have committed treason against our …show more content…
They often lie about their betrayals, keep secrets from their people in which they promised to protect, but mostly wish to form one perfect union amongst the millions of people. We as people all contain our own personality, niches, and beliefs; therefore, we can not form from an I into a We similar to Equality-2521. No one can take away our strength of individuality, stripping us from all self-confidence known to mankind, rendering us harmless and dull. I thank you for writing such a motivating story and teaching students of all ages that it is never wrong to fight for the purpose of life, uniqueness. Your story continues to impact generations after generations even after eighty