Response To Civil Disobedience

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Civil disobedience is the way that society demonstrates to the government that they disagree with an action they other took or are taking. Their is two ways to act upon this form of protest, these are peaceful resistance to the law or violent resistance to the law. Peaceful resistance of the law affects society in a positive way because it's a way the people stand up for what they believe in and it promotes that violence is not the solution to resolve problems. In the article "Civil Disobedience" by David Thoreau he specifically shares his belief that the less the government has control of our government the better. He firmly believed that the government was for the people and if they didn't show this then if there was a need to break the law …show more content…
Martin Luther King Jr. was an example of how peaceful resistance to the law can positively affect society. He fought for a movement and did it peacefully, his movement changed everything for generations of African American and it created an impact in society. These two are examples of peaceful resistance to the law. It proves the point that it does affect society in a positive way because it promotes the disagreement of something but it does not cause harm to others and no one ends up in prison for speaking up for their beliefs. In todays society we have witnessed how protesting affects those around us. Before the electoral vote, people were protesting against Donald Trump and his running for presidency, in California things got ugly and there were damages to others property. This type of protest doesn't ever really change much and it ends up in it turning into a fight of the people against the people. It doesn't cause any change, when there is peaceful resistance nobodies property gets damaged and they do speak up for what they don't truly believe should be done by the