Response To Literature Essay Practice 2 1

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Write your response to the writing prompt below.
You may give your writing a title if you would like, but it is not necessary.
You may NOT use a dictionary. If you do not know how to spell a word, sound the word out and do the best you can.
You may print neatly using pencil or blue or black pen only.
Write clearly! Any erasures or strike-throughs should be as clean as possible.

Writing Task:

Checklist for Your Writing
The following checklist will help you do your best work. Make sure you:
Carefully read the writing task.
Organize your writing with a strong introduction, body, and conclusion.
Use specific, relevant details from the event, including narrative strategies such as dialogue and imagery to help the reader picture the event.
Use precise language that is appropriate for your audience and purpose.
Vary your sentences to make your writing interesting to read.
Check for mistakes in grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and sentence formation.

California High School Exit Examination
The following story describes a young boy’s heroic actions to help his injured brother. Read the story and complete the Writing Task. The Hiking Trip “I never wanted to come on this stupid old hiking trip anyway!” His voice echoed, shrill and panicked, across the narrow canyon. His father stopped, chest heaving with the effort of the climb, and turned to look at the boy. “This is hard on you, son, I know. But you’ve got to come through with courage and a level head.” “But I’m scared! I don’t even want to have courage!” he retorted. He jerked his head the other way and wiped his eyes across his arm. “If not courage, fine,” his father replied sternly. “Then have enough love for your brother to think this through!” He pulled a bandana from his back pocket and tied it around his neck. Then he gently placed his hand on the boy’s shoulder and continued, more softly this time. “Now, I don’t know if I can make it without stopping every so often. And we just don’t have the time to stop. You’re young, but you’re strong and fast. Do you remember the way back from here to the road, if you had to go alone?” Jeff flashed back to the agonizing scene of his seventeen-year-old brother at their campsite that morning. He’d been bitten by a snake yesterday during a rough hike through very rocky terrain. By the time they returned to their tents, he was limping badly. Then this morning he couldn’t put on his boots, and the pain seemed to be getting worse. He needed medical attention right away, so leaving him there was their only choice. “Jeffery? Jeffery, could you do it? Could you make it to the road without me if you had to?” Jeff blinked and looked past his father’s eyes to the end of the canyon, several miles away. He nodded slowly as the path and the plan began to take hold in his mind. “What was the name of that little town we stopped in to get matches, Dad?” His father smiled and replied, “Flint. After we left Flint, we parked at the side of the road a few miles out of town. When you see which way our car is facing, you’ll know that the town is back the other direction.” Jeff thought about this and then nodded. They both drank water and then continued scrambling over the rocks. Nothing was as pretty as it had seemed when they first hiked this way to their campsite. Before, the boulders and rocks had been an interesting challenge. Now, they were obstacles that threatened their footing and their velocity. Overhanging limbs had earlier been natural curiosities in the cliffs. But now they were nature’s weapons, slapping and scratching the boy and the man who crashed by and pushed through as quickly as they could. Stone by stone, they made their way up the canyon. Jeff’s father grew smaller and smaller in the distance. “He must be stopping a lot,” Jeff thought. He waved to him from a bend in the canyon wall. His father waved back. Jeff turned and made the final ascent up an easier