Response to Ruggerio’s “What Is Critical Thinking” Essay

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Justin Marshall
Instructor Shinn
English 1301: Composition I
15 April 2013

Response to Ruggerio’s “What Is Critical Thinking” After reading Ruggerio’s “What Is Critical Thinking” I was able to understand the difference between a critical thinker and a non-critical thinker. The issue I came across with this essay is how Ruggerio emphasized that you are either one or the other. Take myself for example; there are situations that come about where I will fall into the critical thinker category. There are in turn some instances that I act on the complete opposite side of the spectrum. For me I find myself thinking critically when I am approached by a situation I feel is critical. On the other hand there are times where I do find myself drifting off into unimportant thought, or come to a decision on something that I made based off of feeling and not the facts that could have been uncovered by research. Obviously in life you cannot always determine at that point in time what decisions are important. This is the downside of not always using critical thinking in all decisions or conclusions that you come up with. The small unimportant situation that comes up in everyday life could in the end become a detrimental impact to your life in the future. In pointing that out, a skill I have to build upon is training my mind to break down every thought I have. To step back and investigate, make every thought a quest for the best conclusion I can find by utilizing research and