Response to Tracy Chapman, Cold Feet Essay

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Title: Cold Feet
Author: Tracy Chapman
Category: Song Lyrics

The song Cold Feet by Tracy Chapman is an inspirational song about how our wants and needs can drive us to not only success but also to our graves. The song which was released in 1995 describes the story of how one man had everything he could have dreamt for in life, love, a roof over his head and a loving wife. But naturally in the society we live in not only today in the 21st century but also the society that was mid 1990’s, man desire more to satisfy themselves and others around them. Initially he wanted to give himself more to keep him from suffering the hard times in life; the “Cold Feet”. When he met his wife, he naturally wanted to provide her
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I have learnt that once I get there I should be proud to display my success to others around me, share my knowledge with willing participants. But what this song has taught me not to do is become greedy with my gifts. I should not gamble the successes I have achieved just so that I can get to that dangerous step higher. An example of this is when a man at war has successfully made it through battle without death; he should not risk his life again for the thrill of knowing that he could survive that too, he should just be content with what he has achieved and treasure that.
I believe that this is a valuable lesson for Year 12 students, as often at this age we believe that we can have everything and will not get harmed by gathering them all. However some a disastrously reminded that this is not the case, for example when teenagers are at parties where they are consuming alcohol, they think that they can drink 10 drinks and they will come out fine on the other side. As a consequence of their thinking they desire to consume more alcohol as a way to prove their popularity and acceptance. They feel discontent after only drinking 10 bottles of alcohol and gamble their already drunken state to prove to themselves and others that they are worth hanging out with. This discontent often leads to teenagers ending up in the beds of the Emergency Department getting their stomach pumped after poisoning themselves with high alcohol consumption. Teenagers frequently risk their