Responsibility and Key Children Essay

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My job role and responsibilities
My responsibilities as a nursery nurse at high house Montessori nursery are as follows. * To contribute a high standard of physical, emotional, social and intellectual care for the children with in the nursery. * I must always actively promote and support the safe guarding of the children in throughout the work place. * To keep learning journals of achievement up to date for all my key children and notes for my colleagues who are not present with in an activity where there key children are. * I must keep a daily written record displayed for the parents of the activities taken place that day for my key children. * To ensure I form a good relationship and speak with my key children’s parents whenever possible about their achievements and how they are developing. * I am responsible to prepare and complete activities suited to the age and development of the children I am working with. * It is my responsibility and important that I work well both on my own but also a part of a large team to achieve the goals necessary both in and out of the work place. * Daily and weekly tasks given to me and my colleagues by my manger. * Making sure the work place is clean and tidy both before and after all activities. * Hand out any medication given by the parents to the children and make sure that both I and the parents fill in and sign the correct medication sheet. * Take photos of the children during activities