Responsibility: Meaning of Life and People Willalso Trust Essay

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This essay is all about responsibility and how you can make to be a better more responsible person. And this also discuses some different ways to become more responsible. For example from the movie when that girl didn’t know what she should have done. The options were stay loyal to her commitment or she could just ruin the bands trust and stop being responsible and leave them during a really important.

The movie taught you some different techniques to being responsible. One of those were that if you make a commitment you should keep the commitment by sticking with whatever you said that you were going to do. The irresponsible thing would be to leave them and go and do something else that you would rather go and do. You want to stay to what you said and be loyal to what you said you were going to do.

Would you want someone to tell you and your group that they were going do something and not show up or to stay with their commitment and be responsible. Of cours you would want them to stay with what they said. That is the responsible thing to do because then people can be able to trust that you are going to stick with what you said that you were going to do.

You can also show responsibility if your parents leave you home alone and you don’t throw a big party. and that also ties into how people can trust you to be loyal to your commitments. People willalso trust you with more things and you will also make and have better relationships.

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