Responsibility: Virtue and Ethical Lens Essay

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My preferred ethical lens would be periscope or paralysis. I listen to my intuition and it states I see the gifts and the weaknesses of each lens and are able to move fluidly among them to adapt the right tools to each situation to assure the best outcome. I use my rationality(reasoning skills) to determine my duties, as well as the universal rules and the systems that will assure equality. My blind spot, it actually stated I have no blind spot! I’m able to see the strengths and weaknesses of each lens to harmonize the four core values of autonomy, equality, rationality and sensibility. I often pray for discernment and the evaluation noted that my discernment comes with ethical maturity and provides direction in specific situations. That was a MAJOR relief for me because I’ve always felt as though my ability to discern was way off, but reading that will give me more confidence in my future choices and decisions.
The inventory listed that I have balance and I do the right thing, both of those are great strengths to have. My weakness would have to be inaction: seeing everything, but deciding to do nothing about it, insistence on agreement: I would prefer everyone agree and view things my way before actually deciding on a solution and moving forward, and confusion: I need to take a clear stand on things and not lose track of my point of view simply because I am able to see everyone else’s. Temperance, Prudence, Justice and Fortitude are my classical values with my core values being,