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Legends and myths have stories of families killing each other to gain the throne. The themes illustrated in the play include ambition, fate, and treachery. Three witches decide to confront the great “knight” on his victorious return from a war between Scotland and Norway.
Yet Lady Macbeth was greedy and assemble plans on assassinating King Duncan. The witches predict that he will one day become king, and Lady Macbeth is eager to gain the throne. As Macbeth gains the title of the king, his murderous acts does not stop. The deaths serve as a catalysis to Macbeth’s fear and guilt because a lot of blood is in his hands.
Through the accumulation of his guilt and fear, Macbeth loses everything. Lady Macbeth and the witches are responsible for Macbeth’s downfall Lady Macbeth instigates the plan to take over the throne, and the witches reveal Macbeth’s prophesy of becoming the king. Body Pargraph 1: talk about Lady macbeth’s responsibility ‘[Body paragraph 2 : talk about Witche’s responsibility desperately The witches are responsible for Macbeth’s downfall since they tell Macbeth the prophecy of his title to the throne. The witches represents chaos and conflicts and it is evident that they are the reason why Macbeth becomes driven to gain the throne and maintain the kingdom as his own. The third witch states, “
All hail, Macbeth, thou shalt be king hereafter! […]
Thou shalt get kings, though thou be none: So all hail, Macbeth and Banquo!(1.3.4­6)This prophecy leads to the development of Macbeth’s want to get the throne. Since Macbeth has a prideful nature, he forgets his soldier knowledge of being loyal to the king, and he kills King
Duncan. Since the witches inform him that he will gain the throne, it catalyzes his impatient attitude to gain the throne in a fast manner. Once he gains the throne, Macbeth becomes more dependent on the witches. He goes to the witch and asks for his new prophecy, and the witches say, ““MACBETH Thou art too like the spirit of Banquo: down! Thy crown does sear mine eye­balls.” (ACT, SCENE, LINE). Through their new prophecy Macbeth’s fear of losing the crown catalyzes his bloodthirsty nature to bring down anyone who threatened his position. It may appear that the witches might not be responsible because they keep secrets from Macbeth, but they serve as a catalysis to his fear. Since the witches reveal McDuff’s family potential,
Macbeth decides to kill off his family. As a result, his fear of losing the crown leads to his downfall because he is ready to die when Malcolm and Mcduff comes to his land to take over.
When he fully knows he is at his loss, he still puts up a fight and dies. Since the witches prophecy forewarns MacBeth, he acts accordingly to his impulse, and as a result, he becomes insane and dies. Therefore the witches are to blame for his downfall.

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