Essay on Ressource management

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Assessment 1.
Part A. Case Study.

1. Paper use:

There are 25 staff in the APCSUPERSTORE office, each use 150 pages of copy paper per week.
25 X 150 = 3 750, this is the consummation per week for all the office.
3 750 X 4 =15 000, so the office needs 15 000 page of copy paper per month.
For the month of April 2010, AOCSUPERSTORE ordered 4 boxes of paper; each box contains 5000 pages of paper.
4 X 5000 = 20 000, this the number of paper odered for the month of April 2010.
Actually, the APCSUPERSTORE office needs only 3 boxes per month,
3 X 5000 = 15 000, is the exact consummation per month for the office.
So we can order , 1 box every week like that , there is one box wich is here just in case.
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Then notice in the assets register that the delivery arrives and is in our stock.
Tidy the delivery in the different stock place


To prevent the different risk during the reception’s purchases, there are different rules: asking the deliverers to unload their vehicles. asking for smaller or lighter cartons of stock to be bought. storing the most-used items in the middle shelves and lighter goods on the top shelves.
Wear gloves do not hurt the hands
Keep the space free in the corridors

To prevent the diverse risks in the café:

asking for training in safe lifting methods mopping up spills straight away
Put a surface for the floor with a non-slip material or for non-slip mats to be provided asking for adequate lighting to be installed in delivery and storage areas wearing hats, sunglasses and sunscreen when unloading outside
To prevent risks in the kitchen: using small rubbish bins asking for equipment to be put where it provides the easiest access eg. fridge close to workbench pushing trolleys and bins instead of pulling them where possible wearing heat resistant gloves when carrying hot utensils and equipment only going into the kitchen when necessary keeping walkways clear of clutter have a rest breaks every day and spending them in a cool area with a drink of water wearing non-slip shoes to prevent slipping

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