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On the 15th of April 2013 the chef’s new restaurant ‘A flavor of Memoirs’ will showcase its opening night located at Sydney Road. Selections of top food critics have been invited to taste and comment on the style of food prepared by the restaurant while enjoying the dining experience offered to its guests. The critics will be keen to assess the quality of the dishes prepared, which will reflect the cooking skill and professional expertise of the chef. In order to make an impression, it is essential that the dishes are unique and eye-catching.
The aim of the chef is to create a menu that is personal and reflective of his memories, as an imaginative and artistic chef, he is eager to incorporate the key dishes of his memories onto the plate, so that the dishes he prepares have the image of memories.
The menu to be served at ‘A flavor of Memoirs’ requires a fine dining atmosphere, with dishes complementing a high level of sophistication. The chef has allowed for 6 courses plated, each reflecting on an astonishing plate of life’s memories.
It is the endeavour of the chef to provide his diners with a new food experience which delights both the mind and senses of the guest. It is essential that the menu to be designed for this occasion is of a high quality as is expected of top restaurants. The courses must provide a range of colors, flavors and textures to make sure the dishes will be an utter success for the menu. As the restaurant service is in the form of tasting dishes, a