Restaurant and Desperate Restaurant Owners Essay

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There is a show called Restaurant Stakeout on this show, desperate restaurant owners call in
Willie Degel, a restaurateur in New York, to go behind the scenes in their restaurants using hidden cameras and observe their service problems. Willie Degel does not stop there. He also hires actors to play as customers and sometimes as the restaurant employees. Most of the time, these actors are hired to be rude. No matter what position they play, it is a test in the end and some of the real employee may or may not have a job by the end of the show. At the conclusion of show, Mr. Degel will sit with the restaurant owners, show them what it is like in a typical day at their restaurant without them being present, and make his recommendations. This show proves that although management of restaurants try their best to make sure their customers are happy with their service, management is insensible to what their customers perceive in their restaurants.
At times, customers that are dining at these restaurants encounter problems with how their food is served. For instance, a customer ordered soup as an appetizer and after a long wait, finally received it with the main course instead which by that time, the soup is cold and tasteless. The customer could complain to the waiters about how they not only received their soup with the main course, but it was also cold. Before it would even reach management, the waiters would try to resolve the situation themselves. Therefore, management would never know how their cooks and waiters are lacking in serving food to their customers in a timely matter. Another…