Restaurant Opening Case Study

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Tips for Managing Your Restaurant's Grand Opening (-- removed HTML --) Tips for Managing Your Restaurant's Grand Opening (-- removed HTML --)
Subhead: your opening strategy generates repeat business
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The grand opening of your restaurant - especially if it’s a relatively upscale operation - could be more important than you think. Most restaurateurs feel that they can correct problems as they go, and that’s true to some extent. However, if you publicize a grand opening event that’s disorganized, understaffed and disappointing, you might lose that critical benefit of making a good impression. If your opening is successful, you can capitalize on your success by attracting lots of referrals and repeat business.
The critical aspects of managing your restaurant’s opening are
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You’ll always have a copy of every order and sale to compare with the day’s receipts. You’ll also be able to track sales by time of day, type of foods and other criteria, which is valuable intelligence.
About 80 percent of today’s restaurant now use technology applications such as CRM and ERP software, and many also employ online ordering and reservation-making systems according to (-- removed HTML --) marketing statistics. (-- removed HTML --) Around 49 percent of all restaurants offer mobile payment options, so a POS system is essential if you don’t want to lose business from the majority of customers who use plastic.
Try to (-- removed HTML --) enlist your employees (-- removed HTML --) in your opening’s success by encouraging their pride with pictures, biographies and competitions. Be sure to train them thoroughly, give them the tools they need to succeed and praise them well when they do a good