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SIMPLY LIFE (Restaurant Review)
Address: L2, Festival Walk, 80 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong

Telephone Number: (852) 2265-7418

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 11:00am-23:00pm

Payment: Cash only

Reservations: Accepted

The chic European style of the décor of Simply Life brings exceptional sophistication and relaxation to the restaurants interior. The tranquil environment coupled with comfortable furniture creates a romantic dining experience in Europe. And because some parts of the roof are made from glass, Simply life has added umbrellas attached to the tables to give an unforgettable experience without interfering the customers while dining, demonstrating the most flawless service. Nonetheless, the semi-opened baking kitchen allows customers to observe the baker crafting the handmade bread. There are glass panels for you to see a line of well-made bread including croissants, banana cakes, strawberry Danish and more and the aroma of freshly baked goods filling the air, makes you want to buy one. Stacks of wine placed in well-designed wooden shelves are tempting.

The menu offered much variety, whether it is meat, pasta, rice or salad. My taste buds were aroused. I ordered the a 10oz US roasted rib-eye steak with braised assorted potatoes and greens, accompanied by a loaf of crispy-brown bread and the soup of the day which is a wild mushroom soup. The appetizing assorted bread was savory, its texture was crispy and it was freshly baked. The crunchiness of the bread just blew me away, as I chew, the warmth of the bread had gave a pleasant feeling, I also noticed as I chew some almonds were stored inside the bread which contrasted beautifully with the colour and also the crunchiness. Next came the wild mushroom soup, it was far beyond my expectations of a complimentary mushroom soup. The appearance of the soup was very appealing, the texture was smooth and the aroma was captivating. The thick brown liquid had aroused my taste buds with bits and pieces of mushroom floating on the surface, and with the rich cream added on top of it, the contrast of white and brown makes this unique mushroom soup a very memorable one.

Among all the fantastic selections of meat, I had chosen the 10oz Rib-eye steak with braised assorted potatoes and greens. I thought that it would be mouth-watering but not as full to make my night but as it arrived right on my table, I was overwhelmed by the sudden aroma of a well-made steak. The steak was not sizzling hot whilst warm smoke arisen to the air, giving a sense of warmth. As I took my knife and slowly laid it on the steak, the red juice spread across the plate. The meat was so tender that it was cooked to perfection. The inside was bright red and the surface was brown with lines of charcoal black from the grill. They added herbs of basil and green mustard on the top and underneath it, allocated braised greens and potatoes with a slight crispy surface. As I took a bite, the succulent taste left me dazzled as the enriched mustard sauce created a fabulous combination. To go with it, I ordered an Iced Apple Oolong tea. The beverage was icy cold, giving a refreshing taste with the combination apple and tea. The taste was delicate and perfectly sweetened.

My family members each ordered different selections which had them tasting a unique style of the cuisine. My sister ordered Bacon with Cheese Angel Hair spaghetti. The aroma attracted me even though I wasn’t sitting next to her. The white sauce around the dish was rich. Slices of cheese and bacon were placed harmoniously across the angel hair. A hint of basil was added on top, blending with the odour of the sauce. My mother ordered a grilled spring chicken accompanied with Portobello mushrooms and a spice sauce over the chicken. The chicken was golden brown, the texture was crispy and the chicken was sizzling hot. The spice sauce however stimulated my senses as its sweet yet distinctive adour crawled into my nose, giving a