Restorative Criminal Justice Essay

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Restorative justice has no place in the American Criminal Justice system. There are several offenses where it is impossible to remedy the loss of the victim. An assault victim for example, could be subjected secondary-victimization by this process even tough the victim may have chosen this route to resolve the pending criminal offense. The offender his/her family may have ways to coerce the victim to choose restorative justice program in the worst case. In these cases no justice can be served and no damage can be remedied. In serious offenses against persons, there cannot be reason to build communication and understanding between the victim and the offender.

The Restorative justice system is a threat to the offender’s civil rights. The right to confront the accuser, due process and right to council are examples of these rights potentially getting bypassed by this unconventional method. The offender may feel pressured to comply with the
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Minor offenses such as criminal mischief and theft cases could potentially bypass the court system and save a lot of valuable resources and allow to use necessary resources efficiently.

Any minor property offenses would be ideal cases to have to be engaged in a Restorative Justice program. The offender could work for the victim or in other ways make the victim whole i.e. help recover for the loss caused by the offense. The offender could repair or replace what was destroyed, damaged or stolen.

Restorative justice system would be an ideal method to treat first offenders. This would allow them to get a comprehensive understanding of the extent of their actions including the cost, inconvenience, and pain it may have caused to the victim. It would give the offender a chance to relate to the victim and also an opportunity to understand more humane values instead of having to go through the conventional route to pay back his/her debt to the