Restorative Justice Essay

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Restorative Justice
Chaotic crimes in America have left innocent bystanders severely worried about the safety of everyone in the community in which they reside in. The Justice System has changed their approach when combating crime for the last century, ranging from the deterrence model, rehabilitation model, restoration model, to the incapacitation model. In modern time the Justice system has focused on the philosophy of restorative justice. Restorative justice is the focus on everyone involved with a said crime, and restores them to a state before the crime happened. For instance, when a gas station clerk gets robbed the effects are not only pertaining to them but as well as everyone in the community, as well as the robber. “Restorative Justice is a problem-solving approach to crime which involves the parties themselves and the community generally, in an active relationship with statutory agencies” (Marshall, 2013). Restorative justice focuses on effectively utilizing fines, restitution, and community service (Schmalleger et al., 2010).
Case Study The crime committed in the case study had effects on everyone in the neighborhood. When Mildred’s house was burglarized, she had lost the sense of security in her own home. Mildred’s daughter Betty held more stress for her mother which resulted in frequent visits. The community came together to assist Mildred and her family with the repairs to Mildred’s home, victim counseling, and neighborhood watch programs. The crime committed resulted in the apprehension of the two offenders. The offender’s lives and families were affected from committing the crime as well. Mildred was the center of the crime which branched out like a spider web entangling everyone immediately involved with her as well as the community volunteers.
Contemporary Justice vs. Restorative Justice Contemporary justice is the most well know justice theories in modern time. Contemporary justice capitalizes on the due process system. Contemporary justice only factors in the facts when dealing with committed crimes. Contemporary justice has an emphasis on incapacitation, deterrence and rehabilitation opposed to restorative justice model. Contemporary justice focuses on mainly on the criminal, whereas restorative justice focuses on the criminal, the victims, and everyone who was effective by the said crime. “Restorative justice is a theory of justice that emphasizes repairing the harm caused or revealed by criminal behavior. It is best accomplished through cooperative processes that include all stakeholders” (Centre for Justice, 2005). Restorative justice ideally proposes community service, and restitution to an alleged criminal offender. The restorative justice allows the victim to be heard in court and propose argument, and evidence against the alleged perpetrator. The judge will take into consideration the victims materials presented in court for the verdict. The idea of restorative justice gives the criminal the right to take responsibility for their actions, face their victim, and provide the victim with closure (Centre for Justice, 2005).
Reflection on Case Study In the case study Mildred was an elderly lady who was the victim of a burglary. Two assailants burglarized her home, ransacking everything, and taking possession of her most dearly beloved items, which belonged to her passed husband. The restorative justice model allowed Mildred to seek counseling, and assistance through the community. Mildred was informed