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With no sleep or fun, and stuck with endless piles of homework: students bustle through their days in a wild chase to accommodate crazy schedules and responsibilities. People have been searching for delicious meals and meals that would fill them up in satisfaction. Most people love to eat at Simple Simon’s Pizza, Chipotle’s, and McDonalds.
Simple Simon’s Pizza is simply one of the most superb pizza parlors in existence. To begin, Simple Simon’s Pizza has a wide selection of pizza toppings. The traditional pepperoni pizza is included on the menu along with the less common pineapple and Canadian bacon combination. Customers can order pizzas with anchovies, pepperonis, jalapenos, and more. Additionally, the atmosphere of Simple Simon’s Pizza makes it a desirable eatery. It has a laid back atmosphere; when people go to Simple Simon’s Pizza, they are encouraged to relax and enjoy themselves. Customers, tired from a busy day, can just walk in without worrying about dressing up. Lastly, the décor is fascinating. The walls are plastered with colorful posters of celebrities who have enjoyed a meal at Simple Simon’s Pizza. The is even a signed photo of Jay-z and Beyonce splitting a slice of veggie lover’s delight. Clearly, on Friday night, when all person wants to do is relax and devour a pizza pie, Simple Simple’s Pizza is the place to go.
Another savory place to grab a quick dinner is Chipotle’s. One great offering of Chipotle’s is the meals. The carnitas are tender, flavorful, and cooked to perfection. The steak and chicken, spiced just right, sizzle with red Chile to bring on the heat. Moreover, Chipotle’s food is fresh and natural. The meats have no antibiotics or hormones, and most of the animals from which the meat comes were raised free-range. The vegetables are fresh and often local; the beams are usually organic, and they never add lard to their frijoles refridos. Most importantly to a hungry teen, the portions are huge! For example, a Chipotle’s steak burrito includes a full helping of carne, beans, rice, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, and practically a salad of extra lettuce and salsa. Most kids have to split the