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Angela Wang BIO 110 Enzymes II Lab Outline ­
Effects of pH on the Breakdown of Starch by the Enzyme Amylase Result: Comparing the starch concentrations in different pH solution after 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 minutes, the best pH environment for amylase to work efficiently appeared to be around pH 6 and pH 7 (see Figure 1.)
● Figure that shows the relationship between pH environment and the performance of amylase activity.
● Description of the trends, how different pHs resulted differently.
● Which pH environment is the best suited for amylase to perform in. Discussion: The activity of the amylase enzyme in this experiment increased within the pH range of
6 and 7.
● The null hypothesis was rejected based on the result.
● Changes in pH can denature the enzyme by changing the protein's ionic charge.(Robyt 1973)
● The water presented in the cuvettes might cause inaccuracy in the experiment. Human body cannot function properly without the help of enzyme.
● Different enzymes in human body (Scharpe 1972)
● Other factors that might affect the performance of an enzyme (Briggs 1925),
● How to maintain enzyme potential (Granger et al. 2007)

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