Resume: Dentistry and M. P. Dental College Essay

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Having a medical background in family, my magnetism towards health profession was obvious. Since upbringing days, I have perceived health care wholeheartedly and I feel amazed how it helps patients to cure their problems. Two questions always baffled me - Why do people get into health problems and what is the best way to keep human lives happy? A truly desire to intricate artistic work in order to widen horizons of the field prospects is one of the essential characteristic of Dentistry and I have been encouraging to craft some creative art pieces with own hands ever since I was a child. Discussing with family, I could conclude that one of the best way to please people is to make them smile and as a result, my desire to pursue Dentistry makes sense to me. I am a young dynamic gentleman born and raised in India. I pursued ‘Bachelor of Dental Surgery’ from M.P. Dental College located in Vadodara, India. During college, my interest continued to grow as I engaged deeply in subject knowledge. Active participation in survey projects, research, conferences, seminars and group discussions remarkably fostered my professional skills. During a two day workshop on ‘Oral Health Care and HIV/AIDS’ held at our college , I met Dr. Jeffery Hill, an instructor in the department of Comprehensive Dentistry at the University of Alabama. He provided great insight into health education in the USA. That day I fully realized the value of obtaining U.S. dental school education. As a part of coursework, I had the privilege of serving in an internship position for one year. While serving as an intern in college, I worked at numerous free dental camps for rural population, among different cultures and languages, in which, I realized the potentially holistic approach to serve society in order to improve their oral hygiene. Acknowledging detrimental effects of smoking and chewing tobacco with the intention of inducing patients to maintain dental health was my primary crusade. To glimpse Dentistry in USA, I spent several weeks actively acquiring valuable work experience at two dental offices. I was offered the opportunity to shadow Dr. Nikunj M. Raiyani, a general dentist, for a month. It was a valuable