Resume: Disabled Citizens Essay

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To make a difference in the life of people with disabilities by helping them to achieve their maximum potential. I will do this by providing caring attention focused on their individual abilities and needs. Seeking a position as a Disability Support Worker in an organization that will provide me with an opportunity to work closely with disabled people to bring high level of comfort and dignity in their lives.

SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS Computer – MS Word and Excel Profound ability to encourage and support patients to develop and enhance daily living skills
High School Diploma – 2010
RVCC - Majoring in hospitality administration Skills
Effective communication skills
Highly organized
Can work both well in a team and independently
Motivated and flexible
Respective, Patient, Reliable, Friendly

Related coursework
Psychology Skills
Working with disabled citizens must understand the psychology of living with a disability. Many who have disabilities have related problems such as depression and insecurity. Working with the disabled requires a constant sensitivity to such problems and awareness of how to adapt to and work with their emergence. This proves particularly important for those working with individuals who become disabled later in life and suffer traditional stages of grief such as denial, anger and bargaining. Professionals working with disabled citizens learn mechanisms and skills for interpreting and working with the psychological state of the disabled through training programs and education.

Work Experience
Working at McDonalds for three and a half year.
● Received customers pleasantly, took their orders, transmitted to kitchen staff, served, and prepared bills.

● Prepared food items.
● Maintained the equipment, such as oven and grill, in proper condition.
● Maintained cleanliness in the work stations.
● Assisted the other staff members in taking orders.
● Analyzed customer complaints and feedback for constant improvements.
● Communicated clearly and positively with coworkers and