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Does God Exist?
An ongoing question that will never have a certain answer is whether god exits? When you think about this question, a lot of other questions come out of this one question. Questions like “What is God?” “Where is God?” and how is God doing all of this?” All of these questions pop up in our heads for nothing because these questions will never be answered if you really think God exists. There are questions in life that you want an answer for in order to lead to happiness or a meaningful life but for the question “Does God exists”, ignorance is bliss. The only reason why people believe in God is because there is no other reason for why everything is formed. Creations and religions are the reason for why God exists but disabled people, war, innocents wounded are no evidence of God’s existence.
There are of various beliefs in this universe that consist with a variety of ways that god takes his message. The only thing that stays mutual between all religions is that everyone is responsible individuals with free will. If there is no presence of god then why are there sacred books? The sacred books embrace a lot of significance to the way the people cooperate ethically. “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known god.” (Corrie Bloom). This quote says that individuals should never panic the future that everybody has in the future, after they distinguish that god exists. If you consider that he survives, then you will see that he has placed you on earth for a purpose such has to make this world an improved place to live in. I trust that there is no requirement to panic the grief or the miseries that you are or will go over. As a whole, religion is a key role in the presence of god because god is observing our evils and actions to rationalize who had reached their perseverance on earth.
People do not believe in the presence of god because there is no honesty in the weaknesses of human race. I believe that the weaknesses that humanity has contributed to are the test that we must go through. What would be the resolution of our existence if desire was the only thing we viewed? In this trial that we are placed in god wishes to decide the strengths that all persons take