Resume: High School and Separate Line Essay

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(Personal Heading) ________________________________________
Full name: (first, middle or middle initial, last) _______________________ address with city/zip code on separate line ______________________ phone number _____________________________________ e-mail address: (only if professional)

Objective: (Must be something you are qualified for at the start of the summer w/ a high school diploma)
Name the position you are seeking: (Seeking an entry-level position . . .fill in field or To obtain part-time/full-time. .fill in position)

Education: (List all high schools attended, most recent first!)
Name of High School and Location (city/state) on a separate line
June 200X Graduate, GPA (only if above a 3.5, indicate if cumulative or current)

List any courses that would impress an employer or related to position applying for: (AP or Honors, ROP, foreign language)

Can also include any Honors & or Awards received while in high school (ex. Principals Honor Roll (2 semesters), this can also be it’s own category if you have many awards/honors

Work Experience: (Always list most recent job first! Reverse chronological order)
Name of Company
Location (city/state)
Dates of employment (Month and Year to Month and Year OR Present)
Title of position: Duties performed (Use “BUZZWORDS”/verbs, keep in PRESENT tense if job is present, PAST tense if no longer working for company)

Skills & Abilities: (DEFINITELY, Use this category if you DO NOT have any work experience)
Name a skill needed for your occupation OR Create a bulleted list of skills/traits
Give an example to demonstrate trait or of how you used this skill (no sentences)

Extracurricular Activities: (Use Skills & Abilities if you do not have any extracurricular activities, most recent first!)