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In my household I have four computers; I have just upgraded my computers to the latest operating system and software. I need to set up a wireless network with capabilities of sharing files and connecting to printers while also making sure the software is configured correctly and that I have all the correct security measures in place to protect against all outside threats to my network. On all my systems I am currently running the Windows 7 Ultimate. To first set up my wireless home network safely and securely, I must make sure I first have all of the necessary components. To start I will start by calling my internet service provider and adding the Internet to my current plan. With the service from my ISP on and running, I can begin to start the process. First I start by connecting my internet modem to the cable that runs from the wall that provides the internet signal, next I have to connect my modem by adding the power cable and connecting it to a surge protector. Once I have completed this step, I move on to my wireless router. I connect my wireless router to my modem by connecting the blue Ethernet cable that runs from the modem to the router. Then once I have all green lights on my modem, and I know that it is actually receiving a signal from the ISP. I continue to connect my wireless router to my surge protector. Once my wireless router is connected successfully to my modem and the router is showing all green lights the same as the modem, I know that my wireless signal is now being broadcast all over my house. Now that I know all my hardware to receive and broadcast a signal is working correctly. I begin to work on my computer to make sure that I am able to connect to the router which in return is connected to the modem. First I make sure I have all the necessary wireless adapters connected to my computer so I will be able to get online. Once I make sure the network adapters are installed correctly with the correct drivers I can move onto the next task. I open up my network and settings device on my computer and make sure that I am able to connect to the wireless network. Once I am connected I want to make sure I am able to access the internet. I open up a webpage on the internet and once it is loaded I know I am successfully running on the internet. Once I am successfully connected to the Internet, I want to make sure my wireless home network is safe and secure so I can do some shopping online. I go to my internet browser and type in a IP address that will bring me to my routers login page through my browser. Once I am on the correct page I can move to make sure that all my default administrator usernames and passwords are changed to a more complicated name. Once all my usernames and passwords are changed from default settings into something that is more complicated I go into the router to make sure the WPA/WEP Encryption is on and working to make my network passwords much more complicated and harder to get in. After I am done changing to first two settings to beef up my network defenses I go into the default SSID which is my network name to change it, not to much of a security feature but at least it helps maybe a