Essay on Resume: Personality Psychology and National Honor Society

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Without question, a person’s character is an important attribute to someone applying to be in the National Honor Society. I hope in writing this that I may be able to show that some of my best character qualities are my morals and definitely my personality. Typically when considering someone’s morals you must take into consideration their religion. My belief in God and Christ are very important to me and my family. I have a set of morals that I try my hardest to follow. I stand up for what I believe in, such as asking people at times to watch their language. This is not always popular, and at first, was very uncomfortable to do. I have found that the more I have the courage to do the right thing, the easier it is every time after that to do the right thing. I have to add that in having my own morals that I try to live by, one of the most important decisions I believe that I have made is a purity pledge to God and myself to be physically pure until I marry someday. This is a decision that I want to show that I respect myself and expect that same respect from others. It is certainly not a decision that is common, but one that I think I will never regret. The other character trait that I think I am strong in is my personality. I have never been shy and consider myself an upbeat person. I am like every other teenage girl and have my down times, but I usually have the ability to come out of those times pretty easily. I believe that I am friendly and will volunteer to help in situations many times. As an example, I am a member of the Sophomore Class and before and during the week of Homecoming, I attended almost every meeting and was there to build our float and work the booth that the Sophomore Class had. People sometimes take on activities in…